This is a tutorial to give you an overview of recommendations and content promotion with Embedly. You can integrate recommendations on your site, or create a single recommendation as a test. Integration is far more successful to increase pageviews and recirculation among your content, and the single recommendation is great for prototyping.

Recommendations show up only after a video is played. You can see a demo of it here.

I'll highlight an example. See this post on the Raspberry Pi blog:


Which you can find in this post. The recommendations are for other posts on the Raspberry PI blog, and only display after the video has started playing.

When you use Recommend, the recommendations come from other pages on your site that have embedded videos on them. Embedly makes a recommendations based on audience behavior across the Embedly network. When you use Recommend, Embedly leverages the information across the network to determine which of your posts to recommend alongside your embeds.

The key is that videos are embedded across your site, so that there is a breadth of your posts to draw from when making a recommendation. Embedly can measure how your audience engages with your posts, and use this to inform the recommendations.

Getting Started - Cards

The first step to using recommendations is to start embedding. You can use the Embed API to do this, or Cards.

Cards are much easier to integrate, as simple as a copy/paste. They automatically include recommendations. Once you start using Cards on several pages, they will start recommending your posts to increase recirculation. When your audience watches one video embedded, other posts of yours with video are recommended, making it more likely that they will see more content on your site.

More information on integrating Cards here.

Getting Started - API

You can also start embedding with the oEmbed and Extract endpoints. To get more information about using recommendations programmatically, check out this tutorial.

Layout Options for Recommendations

There are a few layout options available for recommendations: List (default), Grid, and Carousel. You can see a demo of these options.


List layout


Grid layout


Carousel layout