Watch out! You are headed down the road into developer territory! APIs in general are designed for developers. If you're not a developer we welcome you to poke around. It may take you a little bit to get the hang of things, but don't give up, we know you can do it.

Embedly makes it easy to display, control and measure third party content in your application or website.

If you're considering a full integration with Embedly, we invite you to read through our brief product descriptions below to decide which is best for you.


Embed enables developers to easily embed content from third party content providers like YouTube, Vine, Flickr and many more. Embed follows the oEmbed spec.

Learn more about the oEmbed API.


Think of Extract as a more powerful version of Embed. Extract content from any page, including full article text, multiple images, entities and much more.

Learn more about the Extract API.


Display offers an image proxy and resizing endpoints to handle all your image needs. It takes an image URL and allows you to crop, fill, or resize to fit your page or application’s layout.

The image proxying service allows:

  • Manipulating images to fit the needs of your website, including cropping, resizing and filling images.
  • Proxying images over HTTPS.
  • Specifying a fall back image if an image fails.
  • Integration with the Embedly API.

Learn more about the Display API.


Cards provide you with responsive and shareable embeds to drive the reach of your websites, blog posts, and articles. Our card generator makes it super simple to create a card of any site.

Learn more about Cards.


The Embed Button allows you to allow users to embed your site’s content with a single click. Get more impressions from all over the web. To create a Button for your site visit the Button Generator.

Learn more about the Button.