Embedly's JavaScript library

plaform.js is Embedly's JavaScript library for creating cards, buttons, modals and interacting with the player apis.


There are multiple ways to install platform.js into your page, here is the preferred method. Copy and paste the following code to the <body> of your document.

  (function(w, d){
   var id='embedly-platform', n = 'script';
   if (!d.getElementById(id)){
     w.embedly = w.embedly || function() {(w.embedly.q = w.embedly.q || []).push(arguments);};
     var e = d.createElement(n); e.id = id; e.async=1;
     e.src = ('https:' === document.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.js';
     var s = d.getElementsByTagName(n)[0];
     s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s);
  })(window, document);

This allows embedly to install platform.js javascript in an async manner, but still queue requests immediately.

If you will not be integrating the the embedly global object then you can also use:

<script async src="//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.js" charset="UTF-8"></script>