Here's a summary of the libraries Embedly provides for developers who want to access Embedly's API programatically.


Libraries developed and maintained by Embedly:


Libraries developed and maintained by the community:


Here is a list of the current tools that easily integrate with Embedly:

The Embedly WordPress plugin allows bloggers to embed videos, images, and rich media from 325+ sources with just the url. It uses the Embedly API to get the embed code and display it in a post. This plugin extends the Embedly framework in WordPress 3.8 and higher.

This module will allow your Drupal site to embed content from oEmbed-providers, as well as for the site to become an oEmbed-provider itself, so that other oEmbed-enabled websites can easily embed your content. Since version 6.x-0.6 this module comes with an autoupdating support for embedding content with Embedly.